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While others were playing jokes and active like “fool”s… I made the intentional decision to stop living like one!  I made a phone call that night that changed my life forever and I would dare say… saved my life!!!

I love my life and am truly blessed, but what i owned that day was that the happy person everyone else saw (and who I portrayed to all around me) was a mess physically.  I questioned how happy I really was???  I was inching closer and closer to 300 lbs with each passing day and decided that I had to stop being a fool and own that I had to do something sooner rather than later.  I knew I needed help and that help cane via dear friend who introduced me to Justin Martin.  The first day I worked out with Justin I was scared to death.  I am not a big fan of new situation and this was a pretty big change for me.  Justing greeted me with a positive attitude, helpful tools and a pathway to a new life.  When I left, I wasn’t scare anymore… I was determined and motivated to transform my body, my lifestyle and my world.

I had always prided myself in being a strong person mentally, emotionally, spiritually, ect.  But during that first workout, I completely realized that I was not strong at all physically.  The process was challenging, trying and sometimes frustrating.  It seems like it is so much easier to put the weigh on vs. taking it off.  Yet, it’s been fun, inspirational and life giving because Justin gave me the tools I needed to change my lifestyle and take my life back.  He has helped to make me a stronger person physically from the core out.  My whole approach to how I nourish my body and my workout practices have completely changed.  My life is transformed…. literally!  All thanks to Justin Martin.  I have to date lost 95 lbs and over 50 inches.

Justin has pushed me farther than I thought I could ever go.. But at the end of each workout I am so thankful that I am no longer the fool.  I am ever so thankful, grateful and truly blessed that Justin Martin crossed my path.  You too can transform your life.. your first step… Call Justin NOW!!!


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