I am a registered nurse and this is my success story on how I lost 100lbs and 60 inches in six month time period and 185lbs. overall without any surgeries or fad diets.  We have all read other people losing weight but this is my documented case of success with normal diet and exercise by a normal person.

I didn’t have significant problems with my weight until after I had children. Started back to school and started working nights where I had a tendency to snack all night.  Between raising children and making a living, I had no time left for me.

Being overweight and working 12-hour shifts within he tiny confines of and ICU room wad challenging to say the least.  It was uncomfortable trying to teach patients to modify their lifestyle when I myself was no means and example.

The other nurses had mentions lap band procedure for weight loss and I have tried almost every diet out there with no success.  I always knew that the key to losing weight was exercise and proper diet.  I know that I had to do something and I dont want to undergo surgery.  I believed that this was the only way for me.

Step 1: Where do I begin??

I had always been and avid swimmer so I decided to join and fitness center with a pool, thinking it would aid in my weight loss goals.  After driving by the gym several times, I finally drummed up the nerve to go in.  Everyone was very nice and suggested that I meet with a personal trainer.  The trainer introduced me to the gym equipment and explained what muscle group each machine worked,  I quickly realized that in order to achieve my goals, I would need the knowledge and experience of a personal trainer and continued to purchase more sessions.  I would continue to weight train and walk on the treadmill and swim for cardio afterwards.  The routine continued for three months until la pulled muscle and the flu kept me out of the gym for a couple of weeks.  As luck would have it, when I made it back to the gym, my trainer has quit.  I tried to continue on my own but felt my goals weren’t being met. My starting weight was 385 lbs. and I had only lost 34 lbs in 6 months.  I did everything I knew to do including changes in my diet.  I was choosing healthier substitutes including 2 % milk, low-fat snacks and diet coke. Still, no noticeable results.

Finding the right trainer:

I received a call from the fitness center letting mw know that I would lose my sessions if I did not use them.  I met with Justin Martin the next day and realized the huge difference the right trainer can make.  Justin and I began working out on Septemeber29th.  The workouts were much different than what I had been accustomed to.  He incorporated balancing exercises to help me with core strength, along with free weights and a few machines.  Justin seemed to know just how far he could push me.  He wouldn’t just stand over me and bark orders.  He was always on the same level-If I was working on the floor he was sitting beside me.  He continuous y challenged me to take my training to the next level, even when I didn’t think I had the energy to do so.  Not even my strong dominant personality could get in the way of Justin training me-he wouldn’t let it.  Justin saw through that and kept pushing me harder.  I started to keep a food journal and kept my caloric intake and 2,200 at Justin’s suggestion.  He then slowly brought me down to 1,500.  My workout consisted of various core exercises and free weights, gradually increasing weight over time.

Results are in!!

As of March 19th, Justin and I had been training together for six months,  I was able to run 4 miles in under an hour and was using 40lb weights for most of my exercises.  I had lost 100lbs. and 60 inches, for a total of 134 lbs in one year! WOW!

I’m very grateful to have trained with Justin.  There is no way I could’ve accomplished my weight loss goals without him.  He knew how to encourage and push me when I didn’t think I could do it.  He simply stated, ‘yes you can” and expected me to at least try.  Most of the time, he was right.  Through all this I have learned that you can pus yourself through the pain and fatigue and eventually you will get through it and be able to do what you set out to do.  I needed the accountability that Justin provided.  Simply knowing that he as expecting me at the session and questioning my cardio and diet made a remarkable difference.

How did I do it??

In addition to regular training session, Justin had me start a journal, detailing everything I ate.  I started 2,200 calories and had to drink at least 100 ounces of water.  I decided I would write down everything I ate, no matter what it was because the scale would tell the truth anyway. I also increased my protein since we were working my muscles so hard.  I bought a scale and started weighing my food and even started reading labels!  This was time consuming but worth it.  I began to prepare dishes ahead of time and freezing them so I could take them to work (this kept me away from vending machines!).  Just knowing that Justin would look at the journal and question my eating habits kept me on track.  We’ve slowly lowered my calories to 1.300 and I’m eating better and don’t really miss the extra calories.

Week of 1sts

This week has been one of “1sts” for me

Sunday: After weighing in with Justin, I discovered I lost 100 lbs!

Monday: I realized I had forgotten something upstairs.  Without thinking I ran up the stairs effortlessly! I can’t remember the last time I’ve been able to walk up the stairs without gasping for air much less RUN up the stairs!

Tuesday: I was able to run in short spurts on the treadmill.  I know soon I will be running the entire time.

This week continued with my achievement of mini-goals and great sense of personal growth.  Thanks to Justin’s commitment to my weight loss, I have been able to accomplish things I have never thought possible. My nurse’s uniform has gone from size 5x to a medium.  When I pass a mirror, I sometimes have to go back and realize the person I see really is ME!  I can enjoy a Maverick’s game without having to sit in the handicap section anymore.  I run for half of my cardio session and I can o shopping for clothes without embarrassment an actually enjoy it!

No More Excuses!!!

I truly believe that if I can do this, anyone can! I have lost 185 lbs. and 125 inches to date.  It’s not easy but it’s worth every ounce of sweat.  I work the night shift from 7 am -7pm, head straight to the gym, do my cardio and then weight train with Justin 5-6 times per week.  Most days it would be so much easier to drive back home and crawl into bed but I have made a promise to myself and have to stick with it. When I think i cant continue, I have Justin pushing me every step of the way.  I just place one foot in front of the other and keep going.  This is a lifetime change that I have made the best thing I could have ever done for myself.

Anyone can do what I have done, just make sure to have a good trainer to push you and hold you accountable and make up your mind once and for all that this is what you want and need for a happy healthy life.  Set some short-term goals and reward yourself when you meet them.

Best of Luck,

MaryEllen Mckinney


The results may vary from person to person.