Read about MaryEllen and Anne’s experience with Justin Martin Personal Training!

Justin is an amazing personal trainer!

He builds customized fitness programs to meet your health goals.  He constantly changes up the exercise routine, so I never got bored.  He provides solid nutritional counseling and coaching to help you work though plateaus.  He is highly qualified and extremely knowledgeable about health and fitness.  I’ve hired several trainers from the bigger gyms and none have compared to the quality of training I received from Justin.  Truly life changing.  Thanks Justin!

– Crystal Switzer


“Proven Results!”

I have been training and eating healthy for many years now, but recently I felt like I was going through the motions and not seeing the results I really wanted.  Over time, motivation falls off and it is hard to keep the lifestyle.  Then there comes, Justin who I found online and thought could provide some help.  From the very beginning, Justin has been great to work with and I look forward to a continued friendship and coach.  He was very helpful in creating the ideal plan that I needed to change things up with supplements and my diet.  In less than a year, I have noticed that my workouts are more intense and I have become much leaner and stronger.  It’s always great to have someone there motivating and providing solutions to getting the results I need.  These are proven results!  And I can say… Thank you Justin!

– Alan Stubblefield


Justin Martin was my personal trainer throughout my high school years. He was the best, I can’t say enough good things about him. The word personal describes him to a T! Never ever did he not show up to my training without a big smile on his face. He was always happy and that had a big effect on my training! The only reason I still do not train with him is because I left for college. I truly miss all his personal attention to detail and working me out according to my strengths and weaknesses. A big plus, was the fact that he was very accommodating to my schedule. Both Justin and Hope were always there for me if I had any questions about training, diet, or health issues.

– Madison Mueller


Justin Martin is a great enthusiastic trainer. He makes working out fun yet motivational. He pushes you hard and that makes for great results. He kicks your butt and yet you can’t wait until the next session.  I lost 17 pounds in 4 weeks with his training and nutrition program. Results don’t lie.

– Brandon Gray


Justin is very knowledgeable in what he does! He can help you with any goals you are trying to reach. He truly loves what he does and cares about each of his clients. From meal plans to workouts, Justin was able to teach me so much about what I needed to pursue my goals. I definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer/ health coach.

– Peyton Pulaski


Justin is an awesome personal trainer! He easily won me over to motivate me to work towards a higher level of fitness 🙂 He is high energy and makes his workouts engaging and fun! He is knowledgeable not only in workout programs but in nutrition as well. I highly recommend Justin to anyone looking to make a positive improvement towards their fitness goals!

– Cathy Wilder


I was introduced to Justin through another good friend who I respected and immediately hit it off with him  Great guy, high energy and super positive.  He will listen to YOUR GOALS, ask you HOW SOON do you want to get there, and then help you formulate a game plan to get there.  You just bring hard work, max effort and everything you have to give that day !  At 55 yrs old, my own motivation and drive had diminished but training with Justin really challenged me and had me doing things I have never done which kicked my tail and kept it fun.    I started at 245 lbs with gut at 6′ tall.  Training with Justin 3 times each week for an hour catapulted me into dropping 8% of my body fat to 19 pounds lost.  226 lbs now.  Working towards old Marine Corps Weight of about 215-218 range.  As for cost, we all can find the extra when we demand it of ourselves.    I can guarantee you this.  One month of training with Justin for 3 times week for ONE MONTH hard, you will see amazing results and be a friend of his for life. Love his enthusiasm, positive vibe, awesome meal plan and even help with computer and internet stuff as he is super smart !   Give him a call today !

– Greg Stokes


Justin is the best for anyone looking to get into shape.  He’s the most knowledgeable and best coach I’ve had, and I would definitely recommend to anyone interested in bettering themselves for all ages.  You can’t argue with the results that he gets and if you’re willing to put in the work, he’ll take you as far as you want to go.

– Kristi Parker


Justin is a master motivator. And he more than just talks the talk unlike those overweight trainers. He shows you by example what hard work and self discipline can do. His nutrition tips changed my life. Thanks bro

– Niko Allen


I met Justin about 4 years ago. He helped changed my life for the best! Not only did he help me get into the best shape of my life but his coaching on not only bettering myself physically but  mentally has helped me so much!! Justin is so much more then just a trainer. He’s the complete package. If you’re looking to get into the best shape of your life, then look no further then Justin Martin

– Jamie Vanemburgh


The results I have achieved from working with Justin/Hope are largely due to his/her extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his/her clients. I am in my late 30s and a mother of 2. Justin/Hope tailored the training program to fit my lifestyle. Highest recommendations!!!

– Tiffany Sims


I’ve tried classes (pilates, yoga, Pure Barre, etc).  I’ve tried working out at home with DVD’s.  And I’ve tried working out at various gyms.  Until I began working out with Justin, I could never find a workout routine that fit my schedule, kept my attention and produced results. Justin consistently pushes to me to my physical potential and helps me stay focused.  I would recommend Justin as a personal trainer to anyone (irrespective of physical fitness level) that wants to begin leading a healthier lifestyle.

– Carmen Artaza


Justin is great! He helps me reach my goals through personalized training sessions and meal plans.  He is extremely motivating and has a great personality that helps me to stay on track.

– Monica Shuster


I’ve had the pleasure of training with both Justin and his better half Hope, they are amazing!  Both will listen to what your goals are and help you meet them through both fitness and nutrition.  Whether you are looking to get show fit, or just get healthy, look no farther, they both Rock!!

– Wendy Thompson


This was my first experience with a personal trainer but I had always worked out on my own.  Justin is knowleagable about fitness and nutriton which I found very helpful.  He has a laid back style but knows how to push you to the goal that day and your overall goals of being fit.  I highly recommend Justin!

– Beth Gadau


I have been overweight the majority of my life and in 2014 I was weighing my heaviest at 220 pounds. My doctor had warned me about begin border line diabetic. On May 4th 2014 I moved to Santa Fe, NM for a job opportunity and after starting to live on my own, I decided to take control of my health. I began working out 3-4 times a week and start a healthy eating life style. I lost 35 pounds without any kind of trainers or advice and then my progress just stalled. I couldn’t lose anymore weight no matter what I did. I needed help on how to eat better. After doing research, on July 21st 2016 I discovered Hope & Justin’s 30 day Challenge. They set up a meal and workout plan for me. I took it to the next level, really watching what went into my body and working out 5-6 times a week. I’ve been on the program for 2 months and seen a lot of change in my body losing an additional 20 pounds and gaining a little bit of muscle. I currently weigh 155 pounds.I feel great about my body. Hope & Justin have been awesome trainers. In addition to this I’ve taken supplements in the past but I didn’t like the way they made me feel, very jittery and bloated. Hope & Justin introduced me to Isagenix Products. They are one of the highest quality products on the market and they taste awesome. I highly recommend Hope & Justin’s program to anyone looking to lose weight, build muscle or make a change to there life. They are the best trainers out there!

-Antonio Gomez